About the registration, abstract submission, payment process

At this site, you can register for the conference, securely pay the conference fee and upload your abstract

Registration opens on 1. February 2019, but abstract submission is already open.

Abstract instructions

Before you start the process, please have your abstract ready in the standard template. You can download the standard template by clicking on the image below. 

ICBZM 2019 abstract template

1. Use template provided

2. Allowed file extensions are .doc, or .docx.

3. Maximum file size is 4MB, (4096 KB).

Abstract submission

To submit your abstract, select the Abstract submission item. After selecting the items you can step through the payment/submission process in the same way as you do in a webshop until you get to the confirmation page. The process is only completed after you confirmed your submission on the confirmation page.

We will add more conference items to this page after 1. February, when the registration opens.

If you select only items with zero price (including abstract submission) you still have to step through all the steps to save your data in the system.

During the submission process you will be asked to register and login to this website. After registration you can continue the process. Upon successful execution of the submission process you will get confirmation mails. 

To register for the conference, come back to this website later and pay the registration fee after 1. February 2019.

For more information about the registration process, please click here.

There is a special registration fee for participants completing their registration before 15 April, 2019. Registration fee starting on 15 April will be higher. 

If you have any questions, or encounter practical difficulties, please feel free to contact the conference organizers on the contact page.